My name is Karen Gallo
... and I love to paint big.  I moved to Arizona in 1984 and while involved in art all my life, made my living  as the local sign maker in the Village of Tubac and surrounding areas.  Nowadays I express my art through  our eyes; taking your home (or business) and vision, with my expertise and imagination to create the living space for you that has the permament feel that only comes with painting directly on walls.

It is a simple technique that always draws amazed comments from visitors and yet, of course. can be changed or removed with a simple swipe of a paint roller (Like you'd ever want to do that!).

Decorative art enhances doors, niches, fireplaces, walls and rooms.  Children’s rooms are great fun with decorative painting or murals with their favorite characters and themes. 

Outside, decorative painting
can liven a garden wall or create a welcoming
entrance.  My own house presently sports that
giant sunflower, and while I give guests my always comes down to "look for the sunflower!"